Friday, 26 April 2013

A big dog, a little girl and The Lion King

i had a cute lion king-related encounter this week at linawo children's home (my service-learning placement). the kids got really excited because this huge white dog named doogle came to visit—this thing was enormous, i think its shoulders were about as high as my waist. doogle was kind of an imposing doggie but really really friendly; all he wanted to do was play with the kids and get his ears scritched a little.

one little girl (i think she's about 4 years old) named lebo was super excited to see doogle, and ran out into the yard as soon as he arrived, but quickly got scared and hid behind me for a while. she would occasionally venture out and wave for the dog to come over, and he'd come bounding toward her, and then she'd shriek and hide behind me again. at one point doogle got around me and licked her face—lebo burst into tears and the dog started whining.

i took her inside to see heather, one of linawo's administrators, who calmed her down by playing her clips from the lion king. her favorite scene was the one where they're dancing and singing "i just can't wait to be king." not the most wildlife-related thing ever, but thought i'd share since it involved both an animal and the lion king!


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