Monday, 13 May 2013

Meerkat Manor: Mobs at War

Check out this awesome video depicting two meerkat mobs at war in the wild!

This show is awesome, there are lots of really interesting episodes, and it is almost as addicting as any reality show on MTV. The Whiskers mob is full of different personalities and dramatic interactions. Each meerkat has their own name, and the communities display quite a few human qualities in the wild! There are irresponsible teens, loyal friends and families, and rival mobs. Check it out if you have some free time!

The show has fantastic ratings, and has done really well in the documentary community. It has won countless awards, and more importantly, it has won over the hearts of America. This particular video shows some intense never before seen footage of Meerkats, and presents them in a way that is breaking ground in the documentary community.
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