Sunday, 5 May 2013

News Article: Swallowed by a Hippo

Yesterday, May 4th, 2013, a news article was written about a hippo attack survivor. An alarming story of a 27 year old man who had a business taking clients down to the Zambezi river. He describes his attack being very sudden, where he found himself noticing half of his body had been engulfed in something very slimy, a hippo's mouth!

The man was able to wriggle around and escape, but the hippo attacked again! He was thrown around and badly wounded. He had been told he would have lost both arms and a leg, but fortunately they were able to save 2 out of 3 of his mangled limbs. This man was lucky, but his friend Evans was killed. What an experience! Reading this article made me really think about the place of humans in a wild environment. Are we really welcome into the homes of these wild animals, and should we continue to enter into their territory? This man was able to leave with his life, but many humans each year are not so lucky.

Here is the article I found about this man's remarkable story!

I also decided to do some follow up research about human deaths by hippo attacks. I stumbled upon a website that counted hippo deaths at a whopping 2,900 people per year in Africa! WOW!

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